Sunday, February 4, 2018

Linux In 2018 For Ham Radio

 Okay so I have been away awhile getting busy with other things in my life, so I have not written a post in awhile. So the question is what is new in the world of Linux. It's funny I don't see many computers coming in with Linux where I work as a computer technician. Yes it seems that windows 10 is the main game player, with apple computers coming in a close second.
 There were some new Linux Distributions that came out in 2017. From what I am reading 2018 seems to be the year of making things more stable in the world of Linux. What I see as the rule with Linux is that the distribution is going to be determined by what your needs are. In other words if it for children then you might want Doudou, Sugar On A Stick, Edubuntu as well as others.  I would check out this website at 9 Most Beautiful Linux You Need To Use. My best advise is to do some searching on the internet and search youtube as well. There are tons of excellent websites with awesome information.
 Now as far as Ham Radio and Linux go there does not seem at this point to be too many changes in 2018. I still see Linux Ubuntu and Andy's Ham Radio around from 2017, which is still a very good program packed with programs for us Ham Radio Operators.  Here is a list below of it's excellent features.



  1. Live medium which can be installed to the hard drive or USB thumb drive
  2. icewm window manager
  3. Contains a large number of amateur radio programs
  4. Amateur Radio menu customized for ease of use
  5. Nothing proprietary (as far as I know)
  6.  Most software came directly from the Ubuntu repositories
  7. Software defined radio receiver with RTL2832 USB dongle
  8. Micro-Fox Config GPL and TinyTrak3 Config GPL
  9. GNU Radio Companion and gqrx
  10. FreeDV (free digital voice)
  11.  Packet radio software linpac and AX25
  12. pskmail client and server
  13. digital radio mondiale
  14. Learn CW via the Wordsworth method
   Pretty much all the other Linux Ham Radio programs are all older, but will still function. So just do some searching around the internet and who knows what you may just come across.

Friday, April 28, 2017

What's New In Linux For Ham Radio
  Okay so what is new in Linux ? Well there are always new distributions coming out and updates for various Linux distributions. If you are looking for some good information on Linux click here .
You can also check out ARRL for Linux for excellent information on using Ubuntu. Honestly I have not come across too many new programs for Ham Radio and Linux. I would do some web surfing and who knows what you may find.
 Now if you are going to run the newest Linux Distro I would make sure you have a fairly new Desktop or Laptop Computer to run it. I had one customer that tried to put it on an older computer and it would not run. You can check out this website at this link for some interesting computers. There are plenty of computers that are not too expensive unless that's what you want.
Here is one other place to find lots of good software for ham radio and Linux. 

                              The software in the video may not be for Linux.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Most Popular Ham Radio Program On Google

All Those Linux Distrobutions
 I started searching around to see what is the most popular ham radio program on google and Andy's Ham Radio Linux looks like it's the winner. They apparently came out with a current  version as of December 20, 2016. Well that is a few months off, but hey it's apparently working. If you are interested you can click Andy's Ham Radio Linux.
 Their description says that it is a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux. If you check out the website you can see that there is a good amount of Ham Radio Software packed into it. It does not take a huge amount of disk space and requires at least a 1Ghz Processor as well as 1gb of memory. So all the computers built today can easily handle that. So it is definitely worth the time to check it out.
 If you are looking for various linux software programs for Ham Radio I would suggest looking at . You can click on this link Ham Radio Programs For Linux Platform to see a variety of different linux programs that may be of some use. Otherwise if you download the current Ubuntu Distribution you can run the live cd or install it on your computer. Then you can see what Ham Radio Linux programs are available or what other programs you can download. Hey it's free due to being open source.
     Hope this video from a couple of years ago give some ideas as to what programs are out there for Ham Radio.

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