Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ham Radio Logging Software and Linux

  I set up a computer with Linux Mint and Linux Zorin to use for my Ham Radio Logging. I was checking websites all over the internet. These would have to be free programs. Fortunately almost all the software for Linux is open source, which is freeware. I will give some examples of what I found in the post.
  One of the programs I came across is called CQRLOG. They have released the new 1.6.1 version on November 10, 2013. The program does provide radio control. It will support over 140 radios. It does have quite a bit of information in it. I did find that the reviews on were very good 


The next program I found was called LinLogBook. It seems to be your typical ham radio logbook program. It is based on a sql database. It can be configured by the user. It looks to be a nice program. Here are some pictures and a link to it. It is another open source program for Linux .


  Another logging software for Linux I found is called LiHaLo, which stands for Linux Ham Logbook. It seems to be a standard software logging program. It does have some color to it, so it is not your fill in the blanks type program. It can be found at . Some screen shots are shown below.

  Xlog is another nice linux logging program. It will show the most recent logs at the top of the display. It can do DXCC look ups and it will display the countries information. It does have some other nice features and I would suggest looking at it at this link . It can also print out QSL labels  Here are some screen shots of it.

  QLE is another logger for logging a qso. It can be used in casual contesting. It does not seem to be a high end program, but looks like it might do a pretty good job. You can find it at this link . Here is a screen shot of it.

  There are other logging programs out on the internet made for various Linux systems. I would read carefully the information on their webpages, just to make sure there are no gimmicks or catches. I did not see anything on the websites I have mentioned. Out of all the programs I have looked over and installed on my Linux system I seem to prefer the  CQRL log program. You can also check out the dxzone website at for other Linux programs.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s. All comments are welcome.

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