Sunday, December 29, 2013

Setting up Ubuntu On My Dell 8400 Desktop Computer

 Well I decided to set up the current 32bit version of Ubuntu on my old dell 8400 desktop computer. At first I was going to try and multiboot it with the xp professional that was on it. It was having trouble trying to install and was not seeing the partitions properly.

  I tried to move the data from the second hard drive to the first one. I then wiped out the partition and left it unallocated. When I booted off the Ubuntu cd I ran it in a live situation. It did not come up and indicate it saw windows xp, so I did not have the choice to install it alongside of windows xp. I did not have any of the other usual choices as well.

  I shutdown the computer and booted off the Ubuntu live cd again and ran the gparted software. It was not seeing the second hard drive. I tried changing the settings in the system bios to just combination and leaving out any notion of checking for a raid system. This did not help either, so I set the bios back to the original set up. I went into the gparted program again in linux and tried adjusting the first hard drive by shrinking the partition size. When I rebooted the computer it would no longer boot to windows xp any longer. It still would not install Linux Ubuntu properly.
  I do already have my data backed up. I was not worried about losing the windows xp due to it not being supported any longer in April 2014. I booted off the Linux Ubuntu cd again and wiped out all partitions. When I booted off the Ubuntu live cd I ran the install and had no problems with the installation. Everything set up properly and Ubuntu runs like a charm.

  Now I can start to look for the logging software to install for my Ham Radio. The nice thing is Ubuntu comes with CQRLOG and is very easy to install. There are some other Ham Radio programs as well. Not to mention the software available out on the internet. Some pictures of CQRLOG can be seen above.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s and Happy Holidays.

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