Sunday, December 22, 2013

Which Linux Distrobution Should I Use

  This is a really confusing subject for me. I have used Linux mint and Zorin 6 on a multiboot computer I set up. I really liked both of them, but leaned a little towards Zorin, because it had a similar look like windows 7. I did go to quite a few different websites looking for any information I could find on them whether good or bad. I was also looking at videos on youtube so I could get a better look at them as to how they functioned. Of course Linux Mint and Zorin were not the only Linux Systems I was looking into. I based most of my looking on what Ham Radio Software was available for them. 

  On the newest system I am setting up so far I have Linux Mint 16 Petra and Linux Fedora 20. I am also interested in Linux Zorin 7. I may put this on a different system, because I can make it look like windows 7, XP, Vista, Ubuntu Unity, Mac OSx and Gnome 2. The nice feature of Zorin is that is does not get the nasty viruses and malware that windows seems to acquire constantly. Another nice feature is that you can run some windows programs right in zorin. This is with the help of Wine and PlayOnLinux. I did look into ubuntu and had some mixed impressions about the current version. It seems as though they have changed it a bit and people don't care for it. The other Linux distro that people like is Debian. Linux Debian was actually made for Ham Radio by Bruce Perens in April 1996 to December 1997. He is a Ham Radio Operator and his call sign is K6BP. Here is a link to some information about him .
 There are many different kinds of Linux Distributions out here or as some have called them flavors. All you have to do is use Google as a search browser and search for Linux distributions.  You will find alot of them, so I would suggest do a lot of reading and look at videos on youtube. I would suggest download the iso file for whatever distribution you choose and burn it to a dvd cd. You can then boot off of it and run the Linux version such as mint 20 to a good idea of how it works. If you like it then you can install it on your computer. The nice thing is that Linux will usually see your current operating system such as windows and allow you to install it alongside windows. It will default to a certain amount of hard drive space needed. You can always choose to adjust the partition size to accommodate what you need. Another nice feature is that later on you can boot off the Linux cd and run a live version and use gparted to adjust the partitions again.

  There are quite a few different ham radio logging software programs out there as open source, which are all free. I am currently looking into a program called shackbox air at this link . It seems to be a very interesting and full package of ham radio software. Another package of software I have found is called  KB1OIQ-Andy's Radio Linux. It is from Andy Stewart who is a Ham radio operator. It has a lot of programs in it so I would suggest to check it out at . If anyone ever says Linux is a poor mans operating system ignore them. They just don't know what they are talking about. I just can't stand a know it all. My goal in this is just to spread the word as to what I have found and hope it helps anyone in any way. Here is a good website with plenty of information on a wide variety of Linux Distributions . Here is a good look at Ubuntu at ARRL website .

  There are plenty of good websites with plenty of programs for Linux. You just have to be aware that some with work with certain distributions and not with others. So always read everything so you don't end up like I did a few times going why won't this work. Go back a read it again, maybe even a third time.

  If you are thinking about a multiboot system with windows and Linux make sure you have plenty of room on your hard drive or drives. Sata hard drives are now up at 2tb and 3tb for size, which is a lot. I have done multi-boot systems with one drive for windows and another for linux. This method tends to make it a little easier to install. BUT most of all before doing anything make sure your data is backed up. The best choice is to use a program such as Acronis to make a clone of your hard drive to a second good hard drive. This way you have an exact clone so nothing is lost. Also if you are using a solidstate hard drive be aware of the size. The smaller solid state drives are expensive and the larger ones are really expensive.

  Well that's all for now, so I would like to say Thank You for reading.
   I would also like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS from Dan KC2YTI 73s. All comments are welcome.

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