Saturday, January 18, 2014

CQRLOG The Best Logging Program For Linux Plus Andy's Ham Radio Linux and Shackbox

  So far cqrlog seems to be the best logging software for Linux distributions. I tried installing it on Ubuntu and it has a few problems. When it installed it would just show a blank white small screen. I did some research on the internet and found some possible fixes. Here is a link to the cqrlog page that will hopefully take care of the problem . Here is some more information for anyone using Ubuntu 12.04 and installing crrlog .
  I finally gave up and tried installing it on my Linux Zorin and it installed without any problems. I am using a free version of Zorin.  I have not used it very much as of yet, but from what I am reading it is a very good program. There are reviews on about the program and they look pretty good, so here is a link to it . Here is a link to the main webpage at Hamsoft to download the software . Here are some pictures of the program. If you are interested in using linux zorin here is a good install video.

     Another good Linux program I came across is called KB10lQ Andy's Ham Radio Linux. It has downloads for a 32bit system as well as a 64bit system. Here is a link to it . It is an open source program that is free. It seems to have a fairly good amount of programs on it. It is a enhanced version of Ubuntu with a variety of ham programs. These programs have been around, but none the less are good. It is a large iso file that you will download and then burn to a dvd disk. You can boot off of it and runit as a live Linux ububtu distribution or you can install it on your system. I would run it as a live program before installing just to see how you like it. Here are some pictures of the program.

  Another program for Linux logging software that seems to have a lot of information is called Shackbox. It is a free program which is a iso download. It does however have a $10 yearly membership fee for support. I myself have not run the program, but it looks very interesting. Here is a link to their website . Here are some pictures of it below.


   If you need or are interested in other ham radio software for Linux, I would just search on the internet. There are a lot of programs out there, but quite a few are not very new.
  Well that’s all for now so Thank You for reading. From Dan KC2YTI 73s.

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