Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just Some Help If your Linux Machine Seems Slow Or Shuts Off

        Have you noticed that your computer is running very slow or it runs or keeps shutting off. I would check and see if your computer is plugged with lots of dust in a fan or in any of the vents. Some computers are so bad that look like the inside of a pumpkin with strings of guts hanging down.When the CPU Fan gets packed with dust it can not dissipate the heat. The computer will usually just shut off. This can result in damaging the microprocessor or other components over time.

  The way that the system bios functions is to detect that the Microprocessor is too hot. The operating system now shuts the computer off. This is done to protect the microprocessor and other components from damage. Some of the effects from this are losing data. For example if  writing a document or saving data. If the computer shuts down suddenly there could be damage to your hard drive.
  It would be a good practice at least once a week check inside the computer and check for dust building up. If it looks clean then check the computer every two weeks. The environment the computer is located in cause the computer to become very dusty. Being close to the floor may cause dust to build up. If the computer is near an open window it may collect dust. Pet hair can collect in a computer.
Dusty computer cooling fan       Do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out. The vacuum cleaner tip and hose are not static safe. They can damage many of the  components with what is call ESD or electo static discharge. Don't use a paint brush to clean off the dust from a component. Don't do this, because the paint brush is not statically safe.
  Use Canned Air Duster to remove the dust from components in the computer case . I would suggest to purchase the canned air duster from Amazon, Ebay or at a local store such as Office Max. Before using the canned air unplug the computer from the surge protector so there isn't any electrical connection . Hold the fan with your finger when blowing dust from it.  You could damage the fan by it moving too fast.  Moisture can form on the components from the compressed air. The moisture could short components resulting in damage to the motherboard etc.....

Example Of Blowing Out Dust with Canned Air
    Another device that can be used are Air Compressors . Here is a link to Air Compressors . Also see the links off to the side of the article for various air compressors or click on the link above. Just remember that it blows air at a much faster rate than the canned air does. You may also get water blowing out with the air due to the compressor building moisture in the tank. I would make sure you bleed off any moisture first. See you air compressor information on how to do that. I would also recommend to hold the fans when blowing out any dust. It will also make it easier to blow the dust out of the heat sink. If a fan does get spinning Do Not stick your finger in to stop it. I have seen people get cut by the fan blade. Let it stop by itself.  
    Any dirt and dust built up on the fan blades can be cleaned with glass cleaner or household cleaner on a q-tip.
 Cleaning the dust out of a laptop computer can be a little more difficult. You may have to dissemble it to remove chunks of built up dust.

   Do not blow out Laser printers with canned air or an air compressor. The reason is because you will blow the toner dust in the air and if you breath it in you can damage your lungs. Cleaning out printers require special devices and toner cloths made to do the job . There are special vacuums with special filters for removing toner. They are also statically safe and will not damage anything .
  Thank You for reading and have a nice day.

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