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A Few Current Software Programs For Ham Radio And Linux

  Looking around the internet for new free or paid software for ham radio and Linux can be a little tiring. None the less I still love doing it. My approach is to do it a little at a time and that way I don't tire myself out. The programs can be anything from logging software, control software or for building your own antennas. I love to find something, download it and install it. I will collect as many different tools as I can find. When people where I work say do you use this program or they say you need to use this I just smile. Then I let them know that I use all the different tools I have to do the job. Sometimes I think they don't like that, because they think they have the answer for everything. I just believe it's better to be more versatile and that way you can solve more problems as they come your way.
  So what have I come across on the internet as far as Linux software for anything with Ham Radio. I did come across a Free Open Source program called simply qle. This is basically a logging software program. It has some graphic qso capabilities and is a Linux Log Editor. Here is a link to the website where you can check it out . Below is a screen shot of the program.

Another Logging Free Open Source Logging Program that has been around, but seems pretty good is called XLOG. The current version came out January 4, 2014, so it hasn't been updated since the beginning of the year. It is an easy to use program and does have some rig control for your ham radio.
Here is a link to the Hamsoft where you can go to download the program . Here is a picture of the program below.

  Another interesting Free Software Program I came across is called Marble Virtual Globe and Atlas. There are different Globe Maps you can download for different periods of time. You can also do some Satellite Tracking with the program. The nice thing is this can be downloaded for Linux, Windows and Mac as well as some other formats. Here is a link to a website where you can download it . Below is a video on the program.

                                                                        Marble - Satellites                                                       
                                                                           by Dennis Nienhüser
 Finally we still have KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux, which is up to version 14 and maybe 15. Here is some interesting information on the program.
"  This is a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions available, as well as an (older) image for the PengPod 1000.

This version contains a lot of amateur radio software including Fldigi, NBEMS, Gpredict, earthtrack, xcwcp and qrq, XLog and cqrlog, flrig and grig, xnec2c, fl_moxgen, aa-analyzer, owx, VOACAP, glfer, Xastir, gqrx, gEDA, GNU Radio Companion, quisk, direwolf, linamc, FreeDV, wsjt-x, Micro-Fox 15 Config, and a TinyTrak3 configuration program.

Version 15 is updated to match Ubuntu 13.10, including a new Smith Chart program and ASDB. Version 15.1 fixes minor bugs and adds customization for login and install.

This software collection uses the icewm window manager with menus customized for Amateur Radio use. It is designed to be light weight to run on older computers, while still having modern functionality.

Recommended: 1GHz CPU and 1GB memory at an absolute bare minimum (SDR applications will require more - about twice as much)."

Here is a screen shot of the program below. Just remember this is a live linux dvd cd that you can download and burn the iso to a dvd disk. 

 Here are some features on Andy's Ham Radio software.

  1. Live DVD which can be installed to the hard drive or USB thumb drive
  2. icewm window manager
  3. Contains a large number of amateur radio programs
  4. Amateur Radio menu customized for ease of use
  5. Nothing proprietary (as far as I know)
  6. Almost everything came directly from the Ubuntu repositories
  7. Software defined radio receiver with RTL2832 USB dongle (originally intended for DVB-TV)
  8. PengPod 1000 image is to be written directly to your microSD card
  9. Micro-Fox Config GPL
  10. GNU Radio Companion
  11. FreeDV
  As you can see these are just some of the interesting free open source programs I found. If you download anything I would use Google and check to see if there are any problems with the program or problems with spyware and adware. I work on computers all day long and there are alot of junk programs out there. Fortunately you don't generally see a problem with Linux and infections, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

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