Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's Time To Bust That Pile Up With Some Extra Wattage

  • Frequency 3-30 Mhz, HF amplifier, with 2 cooling fans,
  • Mode AM-FM-SSB-CW (This amp does not work well with Flex or KX3)
  • Input power: 1-15 W AM/FM, Input power: 2-30 W SSB/CW , Output power - 300 W Max AM/FM, •Output power: 600 W Max SSB/CW
  • Supply 12-14 Vcc, Output power level - 6, Antenna preamplifier - 26 dB
  • Made in Italy, This model is for export only, only ship to the address outside of US
  I have been looking at various Ham Radio Amplifiers for my Ham Shack. The Ameritron Amplifiers are very nice, but a little out of my price range. I have been looking at some Amplifiers built by RM Italy. I have watched various reviews on youtube and they seem to do pretty good. The price on them seems to be very affordable. I have heard some people say that they can cause some splatter. They have said they don't care for them, because they are not made in the USA and therefore not regulated. I say try one and determine what you think for yourself. They seem to vary in output anywhere from 150 Watts to about 600 watts for SSB. They could make a nice addition for your Ham Shack, but just remember you are going to need a power supply. Generally a radio putting out 50 watts to 100 watts will be plenty sufficient. It Should be noted that from what I understand they are not legal in the united states by the FCC .
  • Frequency 3-30 Mhz, HF amplifier
  • Mode AM-FM-SSB-CW
  • Input power: 1-15 W AM/FM, Input power: 2-30 W SSB/CW , Output power - 300 W Max AM/FM, •Output power: 600 W Max SSB/CW
  • Supply 12-14 Vcc, Output power level - 6, Antenna preamplifier - 26 dB
  • Made in Italy, This model is for export only, only ship to the address outside of US
  There are other Ham Radio Amplifiers that can be bought through ebay for some really good prices. I would just make sure that you check out the seller thoroughly before you buy anything. I have heard some terrible horror stories about not getting anything or getting a damaged boat anchor. I have seen some excellent used amplifiers made by Yeasu, Collins, Heathkit and Kenwood. You will also find some Ameritron Amplifiers for sale through ebay. The Amplifiers can be of the tube type especially if they are a few years old. I have seen some solid state amplifiers made by Henry, Palomar and Texas Star. You may just find a used amplifier that puts out about 1500 Watts, which is very good. Just remember that none of these amplifiers are to be used on the 11 meter band. That would be against the FCC Rules and they may come knocking at your door.
  • A full range HF amplifier with automatic or manual band switching.
  • Ideal for use with the Yaesu FT817 & FT897 and Icom 703, but suitable for use with any low power HF radio.
  • Frequency : 1.5 - 30 MHz , covers 160 meters, 80 meters, 60 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, 17 meters, 15 meters, 12 meters and 10 meters
  • This model is for export only, only ship to the address outside of US
  • Input power - 2-15 W, Output power - 300 W Max (Output power SSB - 500 W Max)
  Some advise is that you should make sure your swr reading is as low as possible. If it too high you can damage your transceiver by running a high amount of power. There are many different swr meters available to keep a close eye on your swr reading. I myself use a large cross needle swr meter from MFJ and it works very nicely. If you are using a dipole antenna or whatever antenna you are using I would suggest a nice antenna tuner. I use a automatic MFJ-993b and also a MFJ-949e both of which do a very nice job. My advise is also to check out the reviews on any piece of equipment at . You can find all kinds of reviews by Hams for all kinds of equipment.
  Well Thank You for Reading and Have A Nice Day fro Dan KC2YTI  73s.   

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Icom Amateur Base Transceivers

  Icom makes some nice Base Transceivers these days. When I was looking for and trying to decide on my first Ham Radio it came down to Kenwood, Icom, Alinco and Yeasu. I was looking at the cost and reviews on the various Transceivers. I did like some of the Icom Radios. They had to cover HF,Vhf and Uhf. After a lot of agonizing hours I decided on going with a Kenwood TS-2000. That is not to say that I did not like the Icom Radios. The major drawback for me was the price. The majority of them was out of my price range. I do have to say I like the look of the Icom Radios. They have that big boxy high tech look with lots of buttons and gadgets.
  These radios just have an awesome quality in the workmanship and design of the radio. Icom has a variety of Base Transceivers that vary somewhat in price. They also have a radio that I would call a starter radio. This would be the Icom IC-718 All Band HF radio. It would make a nice radio for the Ham Radio Operator starting to build his or her Ham Shack. It does not cover the 60 meter band and transmits on all the other HF Bands. I have looked at the reviews on and has a 4.6 out of 5 with 403 reviews. That is not too bad for this radio. You can use it to receive on ,but you must have your Technician License or better General License to talk on the High Frequencies.  Here are some specifications on the radio below. If you are looking for more information check out this address .
Icom IC-718
  •           USB, LSB, CW, RTTY(FSK) and AM modes are built-in
  •           Level adjustable noise blanker
  •           RF attenuator and Pre-amplifier
  •           Variety of scanning function types
  •           Total 101 memory channels are available
  •           Hand microphone is supplied, and more...
   One of the other Icom Amateur Base Transceivers I like is the Icom IC-7600. This is a little more intense radio with quite a few more features. This is a high frequency radio and also covers the 6 meter band. It will put out a total of 100 watts, which is not too bad and will work for most situations. It will cover SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, PSK31 and AM from 1 to 30 watts output. If you would like more information you can check out his web address . This radio does have a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating at, which is not bad at all. Here are some more specifications below.

  • Frequency coverage
    • HF and 6 Meter 50Mhz
  • Mode: USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, AM, FM
  • Number of memory channels: 101 (99 regular, 2 scan edges)
  • Antenna connector: SO-239x2 and phono [RCA;(50 ohms)]
  • Usable temperature range: 0°C to +50°C; +32°F to +122°F
  • Frequency stability: less than ±0.5 ppm (1 minute after power ON/0°C to +50°C; +32°F to +122°F)
  • Frequency resolution: 1Hz
  • Power supply requirement: 13.8 V DC (±15% negative ground)
  • Power consumption:
    • TX max power 23A
    • RX standby 3.0A (typ.)
    • RX max audio 3.5A (typ.)
  • Dimensions (projections not included): 340(W) x 116(H) x 280(D) mm; 13.37(W) x 4.5(H) x 11.2(D) inches
  • Weight: 10 kg; 25 lb.
  • ACC 1 connector: 8-pin DIN connector
  • ACC 2 connector: 7-pin DIN connector
  • CI-V connector: 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1/8")
  • Display: 5.8 inch (diagonal) TFT color LCD
     There are other Base Transceivers that Icom makes, so I would suggest to check them out on the internet. Check out the Icom website for a wealth of information on all their Ham Radios.
  Thank You for Reading and Have a nice day from Dan KC2YTI 73s. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Few New Shortwave Portable Radios and Communication Receivers

  While going through some of my various Ham radio catalogs I have noticed some new radios for the shortwave radio category. I figured I would put out some information on them in case anyone is interested. I like the look of the Sangeon ATS-909X world band receiver. My Sangeon 505 does a really good job. Here is some information on it below.

                   Product Features and Technical Specifications

  • Five Tuning Methods: Direct Frequency Tuning, Auto Scan, Manual Tuning, Memory Recall and Rotary Tuning
  • ATS (Auto Tuning System) Auto Scan and Preset Priority Signal Strength in FM / MW / LW Bands
  • FM RDS / RBDS with PS, PTY, RT and CT Features
  • DSP IF Decoder
  • Display: LCD Screen (3.2 x 1.7") with Bright White LED Backlight
  • Automatically Searches for Strongest Signal Station within SW Station Pages
  • Alarm: Radio or HWS (Humane Wake System) Buzzer
  • Clock: Built-In 42 World Time & D.S.T. Device with 2 Editable City Names
  • AM Wide / Narrow filter
  • FM Mono / Stereo Selector Switch
  • SSB (Single Side Band): USB / LSB 40Hz / Set on Fine Tuning
  • Audio Quality: 1W Amp Output Power
  • Outputs: Line-Out, Earphones (3.5mm)
  • Power Sources: Battery (Main Power, 4x AA) or DC-in (9V DC 700mA) or AC-in (AC 9V 0.7A)
  • 12 Segment High Resolution Signal Indicator compared to 7 Segment from the ATS-909 Predecessor
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 200 x 133 x 38.2mm

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