Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yaesu 450D Transceiver Sill Going Strong

  Looking around the internet and I see the Yaesu 450D Transceiver is still proving to be a really good Ham Radio Transceiver . I was looking at the reviews on and they seem to be very good. They tend to be ratings of 4.5 to 5.0, which is at the top of the scale for an excellent review. I think this being a smaller Transceiver with the capability of fitting it into a mobile capacity gives it a nice edge. I could easily see how it could be installed into a SUV type vehicle or maybe into a mobile home for traveling. I am sure there is some ham radio logging software such as ham radio deluxe where you will be able to control the radio from your computer. For being a mainly base transceiver it has a very good price range of about $850 new. Here is a video below that will give a pretty good look at the Yaesu 450D. I would also check out any other videos online for various Ham radio Tests Online at youtube.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Building A Moxon Antenna For Ham Radio

Moxon Antenne 20m
20 Meter Moxon Antenna On Top
  Looking around the internet at different types of Ham Radio Antennas to build I came across the Moxon Antenna. It is basically a wire type antenna made to act like a two element ham antenna. It is a directional type beam antenna. It can be made light enough to be used with a light duty antenna rotor. There are various places on the internet where you can buy a fairly low cost antenna rotor. Sometimes you can just use a heavy duty tv antenna rotor.
  The Moxon Antenna can be made from some fairly cheap building components. I have seen small two meter and six meter ham radio moxon antennas made from PVC Pipe. My advise would be to use the grey electrical pvc pipe , because it is uv protected and may last longer in the weather. Another way to design the Moxon Antenna is to use the 16 foot long Fiberglass Crappie Fishing Poles . They basically telescope out and can be shortened depending on what ham radio frequency you are planning to transmit on. I am planning on building a moxon antenna for maybe the 17 meter band or the 20 meter band. It is possible to make it a multiband antenna and it can cover multiple frequencies. I am going to use a heavy duty plastic cutting board from Target as the center mounting hub. I will use some u-clamps to hold the fiberglass crappie fishing poles in place. The wire for the antenna can be from home depot or lowes. I would not use too heavy a gauge wire, because of the weight. Yon find Ham Radio Antenna Wire on Ebay.  I myself use antenna wire from dx-engineering or universal radio.
  As far as designing the moxon antenna you can find a variety of moxon antenna calculators online on the internet. Here are a few links to some of the websites with antenna calculators . Here is another link . Here is a link where you can find information on building a 6 meter moxon with pvc pipe . There are numerous websites out there with information on building Moxon Antennas. I have thought of other designs using aluminum mast tubing, aluminum angle and u-clamps to support the pvc frame. This website has good information on building a moxon antenna . My advise is to check out all the websites on building Moxon Antennas and then think up your own design.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI  73s.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Nice New Laptop Computers For Your Ham Shack Running Linux

Dual Boot with Linux and Windows 8.1
  There are some decent Laptop Computers on Amazon and Ebay that are running various distributions of Linux. If you are buying new I would check with the manufacturer to see if they have an extended warranty or an accidental warranty. This way if you damage it by breaking the lcd display or spilling something on it you can get a replacement. I have seen way too many times when a laptop is out of warranty the manufacturer will not do anything and just say were sorry you are out of warranty by a week for example. Yes there are some manufacturers that will help out a customer, because they know it is good business and customers will keep coming back.
Has Windows 8.1 so Add Linux
  So you may be asking what are the best brands of laptop available today. Well I see a wide variety of models and brands come in for repair. If I am going to recommend some I would say Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Sony and Toshiba. If you go for a Hewlett Packard just check on the warranty. There have been groups of various models that were known to have motherboard problems. It is true that any brand may have a bad component from time to time. Unfortunately you never know how it was handled in manufacturing. In fact today as I was walking through shipping I saw the person checking in a motherboard coming in for a customer. The person had the motherboard sitting on the static bag. This is a big problem, because the board can be damaged by static electricity and you will never know it. The second problem is the person is not using any ESD Protection. They wonder why a new board does not work or only lasts in the field for a short time. I love it because they blame the place where the board came from. Not a good way to run a business.
  Some of these laptops may be using Ubuntu or maybe Mint. The nice thing is you can always make it a multiboot system and install a different distribution of Linux. It just depends on what flavor of Linux you like. You can of course have a windows 7 or windows 8.1 system and dual boot it with a Linux Distribution. There are many many good brands of laptops available. So check out the Laptop Computers on Ebay for some good deals. Of course there are many programs for Ham radio, such as Loggers that are open source to use. There are some full programs for Ham Radio that I have mentioned in other posts on this Blog. Nowadays the hard drives in the systems have plenty of room to install the programs you may want to run. Microprocessors are much faster and more memory can be added. So take advantage of the awesome Linux operating systems and do some rag chewing.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s. 

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