Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Building A Moxon Antenna For Ham Radio

Moxon Antenne 20m
20 Meter Moxon Antenna On Top
  Looking around the internet at different types of Ham Radio Antennas to build I came across the Moxon Antenna. It is basically a wire type antenna made to act like a two element ham antenna. It is a directional type beam antenna. It can be made light enough to be used with a light duty antenna rotor. There are various places on the internet where you can buy a fairly low cost antenna rotor. Sometimes you can just use a heavy duty tv antenna rotor.
  The Moxon Antenna can be made from some fairly cheap building components. I have seen small two meter and six meter ham radio moxon antennas made from PVC Pipe. My advise would be to use the grey electrical pvc pipe , because it is uv protected and may last longer in the weather. Another way to design the Moxon Antenna is to use the 16 foot long Fiberglass Crappie Fishing Poles . They basically telescope out and can be shortened depending on what ham radio frequency you are planning to transmit on. I am planning on building a moxon antenna for maybe the 17 meter band or the 20 meter band. It is possible to make it a multiband antenna and it can cover multiple frequencies. I am going to use a heavy duty plastic cutting board from Target as the center mounting hub. I will use some u-clamps to hold the fiberglass crappie fishing poles in place. The wire for the antenna can be from home depot or lowes. I would not use too heavy a gauge wire, because of the weight. Yon find Ham Radio Antenna Wire on Ebay.  I myself use antenna wire from dx-engineering or universal radio.
  As far as designing the moxon antenna you can find a variety of moxon antenna calculators online on the internet. Here are a few links to some of the websites with antenna calculators . Here is another link . Here is a link where you can find information on building a 6 meter moxon with pvc pipe . There are numerous websites out there with information on building Moxon Antennas. I have thought of other designs using aluminum mast tubing, aluminum angle and u-clamps to support the pvc frame. This website has good information on building a moxon antenna . My advise is to check out all the websites on building Moxon Antennas and then think up your own design.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI  73s.

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