Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yaesu 450D Transceiver Sill Going Strong

  Looking around the internet and I see the Yaesu 450D Transceiver is still proving to be a really good Ham Radio Transceiver . I was looking at the reviews on and they seem to be very good. They tend to be ratings of 4.5 to 5.0, which is at the top of the scale for an excellent review. I think this being a smaller Transceiver with the capability of fitting it into a mobile capacity gives it a nice edge. I could easily see how it could be installed into a SUV type vehicle or maybe into a mobile home for traveling. I am sure there is some ham radio logging software such as ham radio deluxe where you will be able to control the radio from your computer. For being a mainly base transceiver it has a very good price range of about $850 new. Here is a video below that will give a pretty good look at the Yaesu 450D. I would also check out any other videos online for various Ham radio Tests Online at youtube.


  The other nice selling points are being able to put out about 100Watts power for transmit. It also has the built in antenna tuner, which would be very handy in that mobile environment. You can also receive AM and Shortwave broadcasting with the Yaesu 450D. It will transmit between 6 meters to 160 meters, which will give quite a few different band choices. In a base environment in the Ham Shack I would use some kind of a multiband vertical antenna like the Hustler 6BTV or the Cushcraft R8 Vertical antenna. Another option for a multiband antenna would a dipole or off center fed windom wire antenna depending on your room. Another nice feature is using software like RemoteRig to control your radio from a remote location.

Yaesu 450D Transceiver

  Yaesu FT-450D Deluxe HF All-mode Amateur Band Transceiver with built-in DSP signal processing.
* Features include CW beacon function, 500 memories , ctcss, & Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner.
* Output is 100W CW-FM-SSB, & 25W AM carrier.
* Includes hand microphone.
* Receives 0.30 - 54Mhz, Transmits on the Amateur radio bands between 6-160 Meters.
* Requires 12 - 13.8Vdc at 22 Amps minimum for power hookup. Use an Optional regulated 13.8Vdc 25A or 30A Power supply for Home use.
* Requires Optional suitable antenna.
* Replaces FT-450AT & FT-450 models. 
* Approx Size = 9" x 3.3" x 8.6" ( 229 x 85 x 218 mm ). 
Includes Hand microphone & Fused DC power cable.

  If you are looking for information on the Yaesu 450D Transceiver I would check out at this link . I would also check out the 450D at Ebay and also Amazon where you can check out reviews and information on the Ham Radio Transceiver . I would also suggest to check out any videos you can find on youtube to get a better hands on look at the radio. Other places to look into would be some of the Ham Radio dealers on the internet such as Universal Radio, DX Engineering, AES Electronics and Ham Radio Outlet. You can also check out any other Ham Radio Supplies you may be looking for.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

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