Monday, November 24, 2014

Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers Make An Awesome Christmas Present

  Thinking of a special Christmas Present this year. I would look into one of the Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers. They do have a few different models to choose from. I believe considerations would be decided on whether you are just starting out in the Ham Radio Hobby or have been in the ham radio hobby for a few years. I myself have a Kenwood TS-2000 and I love it. Yes it does have quite a few different gadgets on it, but that's why I love it.
  One of the Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers that I have kept my eye on is the Kenwood TS-590S. It is High Frequency HF Transceiver that will transmit from 6 meters to 160 meters. This would give an excellent number of bands and frequencies to choose to transmit and receive on. There are plenty of menus and a nice big lcd display for easy viewing. What I like is that it has that big boxy look like a radio should. Well that is just my preference and I say if you like a different look that is okay too.
Kenwood TS-590S Transceiver

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Not A Yaesu HF Transceiver For Christmas

  Christmas is getting even closer so why not go for a Yaesu HF Transceiver with all the bells and whistles. I absolutely love the look of these Ham Radios. I have said it before, but I love the big boxy look with all the awesome controls for everything. Of course if you plan to transmit you will need your Ham Radio License. I would start out with at least the Technician and then go for the General License. Then if you want study and go for the Extra License. There are plenty of good study materials out there on the internet for studying for your Ham Radio License. If you want to buy study material go for the Gordon West books, cd and audio materials.
  Okay now back to some Yaesu Ham Radio Transceivers. The Yaesu FT-DX3000D is one of those awesome radios that seems to be made for contesting. Although Rag Chewing and DX chasing is no problem either. This transceiver will put out 100 watts and will certainly work in most situations. Of course if you really want to bust up that pile and get through I would add an awesome ameritron  amplifier. I have seen some new one come out in the Ham Radio Outlet 2015 catalog and yes they are solid state which makes them much lighter. The Yaesu FT-DX3000D does have a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating at That is out of 90 reviews when I checked last. That is not bad and shows it is a popular model. Here is some information on it below.


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