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Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers Make An Awesome Christmas Present

  Thinking of a special Christmas Present this year. I would look into one of the Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers. They do have a few different models to choose from. I believe considerations would be decided on whether you are just starting out in the Ham Radio Hobby or have been in the ham radio hobby for a few years. I myself have a Kenwood TS-2000 and I love it. Yes it does have quite a few different gadgets on it, but that's why I love it.
  One of the Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers that I have kept my eye on is the Kenwood TS-590S. It is High Frequency HF Transceiver that will transmit from 6 meters to 160 meters. This would give an excellent number of bands and frequencies to choose to transmit and receive on. There are plenty of menus and a nice big lcd display for easy viewing. What I like is that it has that big boxy look like a radio should. Well that is just my preference and I say if you like a different look that is okay too.
Kenwood TS-590S Transceiver

  • Superb RX Performance: Excellent Dynamic Range Even with Powerful Off-frequency Interference • Powerful 500Hz / 2.7kHz roofing filter
  • DDS offers superb C/N (Carrier to Noise ratio) characteristics, significantly cutting noise generated by adjacent unwanted signals
  • Wide Range of Features Thanks to 32-bit Floating-point DSP • Advanced AGC with digital signal processing from the IF stage onward
  • Stable operation guaranteed. Designed for high reliability. • 100W heavy-duty design
  • User-friendly menus, outstanding operating ease • Large display with 2-color LED backlight • USB connectivity for PC control
  Now if you do like a Ham Radio Transceiver with a little different look, then I would look at the Kenwood TS-480HX. It also transmits from 6 meters to 160 meters, so you again have a very good choice of bands and frequencies to choose from. The nice added feature I like is it puts out 200 watts, so you have that little added punch when you need it. It also has a front panel control that can be removed to use in a mobile environment. I did look at the reviews on amazon and at my favorite website . I did find that the ratings are all up around 4.8 out of 5, which is very good. The reviews themselves were all very good. As with any electronic component check it out first before judging it. I have seen many electronic products that are new have problems. That can happen from manufacturing or just a bad component that failed.

Kenwood TS-480HX Transceiver

  • 200W output (50MHz: 100W) DC 13.8V in the TS-480HX
  • TX/RX 16-bit AF digital signal processing
  • Continuous RX: 500kHz (VFO: 30kHz) to 60MHz
  • TX covers all Amateur bands 1.8MHz to 50MHz
  • Separate LCD control panel with speaker
  Another Ham Radio Transceiver that I find very interesting is in what I would call the higher class of transceivers. It would be the Kenwood TS-990S. This again is another HF Radio that is capable of putting out 200 watts. It again is another Ham radio Transceiver that has excellent reviews on . It is a full featured radio with plenty of menus and has an excellent display for easy monitoring. It does have a built in antenna tuner which is a nice feature for tuning a dipole antenna for example. It also has that big boxy look that I prefer. I am sure it would be an awesome for any Ham Radio Shack.

Kenwood TS-990S Transceiver
  • 200 watts maximum power output!
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
  • Built-in AC power supply
  • Newly developed mixer contributes to achieving +40bBm IP3
  • Down-conversion format for all AMR bands on main RX

  Well as my final radio I could not leave without saying something about the Kenwood TS-2000 Ham Radio Transceiver. Yes this is the Ham radio that I have in my Ham Shack. It has more features on it than I can go over. My advise is to check out videos on you for this Ham radio and any other Ham radio you may be interested in. It shows on that it has a rating of 4.5 out 5, which is out of 487 reviews. That just proves that this is an extremely awesome Ham Radio Transceiver. It covers HF, 50mhz 6 meters, 144mhz 2 meters and 440mhz. This Ham radio has so many features my advise is to check it out at Kenwoods website for a full list.
Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver

High performance true IF/stage DSP on main band. AF stage DSP on sub-band. • Digital filtering. (No more expensive options to buy) • Satellite ready, with transverter frequency display.
Wide band receive. • Dual receive, (HF & 2m or 70cm) (2m & 2m) (70cm & 70cm) • Cross band repeat.
100 watts output on HF, 6 and 2 meters. 50 watts output on 70cm, 10 watts output on 1.2 GHz • Built-in a Auto Tuner HF through 6 meters • Built-in TNC for KSS/DX PACKET CLUSTER TUNE
Built-in RS-232 for computer control • Built-in TCXO (.5PPM) • CTCSS & DCS encode/decode
Electronic memory keyer World • 5+1 Antenna ports. (2 for HF & 6m, 1 for 2m, 1 for 70cm, 1 for 1.2 GHz option & 1 for and HF receive antenna)

   My final bit of advise is that there are other awesome Ham Radio Transceivers out there made by Kenwood as well as Yaesu, Icom, Alinco and many others. I would check out all the information, ratings and reviews at . There are also plenty of videos on youtube where you can see and hear how the Ham Radio Transceiver functions as well as what other Hams are saying about a particular Ham radio Transceiver.
  Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

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