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Why Not A Yaesu HF Transceiver For Christmas

  Christmas is getting even closer so why not go for a Yaesu HF Transceiver with all the bells and whistles. I absolutely love the look of these Ham Radios. I have said it before, but I love the big boxy look with all the awesome controls for everything. Of course if you plan to transmit you will need your Ham Radio License. I would start out with at least the Technician and then go for the General License. Then if you want study and go for the Extra License. There are plenty of good study materials out there on the internet for studying for your Ham Radio License. If you want to buy study material go for the Gordon West books, cd and audio materials.
  Okay now back to some Yaesu Ham Radio Transceivers. The Yaesu FT-DX3000D is one of those awesome radios that seems to be made for contesting. Although Rag Chewing and DX chasing is no problem either. This transceiver will put out 100 watts and will certainly work in most situations. Of course if you really want to bust up that pile and get through I would add an awesome ameritron  amplifier. I have seen some new one come out in the Ham Radio Outlet 2015 catalog and yes they are solid state which makes them much lighter. The Yaesu FT-DX3000D does have a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating at That is out of 90 reviews when I checked last. That is not bad and shows it is a popular model. Here is some information on it below.


    • High Speed Spectrum Scope built-in: Although the FT DX 3000 only has one receiver, a high speed Spectrum Scope is built into the radio. Large and Wide Colour LCD Display: The high-resolution (480 x 272 dots) 3.5-inch wide colour LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions.
    • Tx Frequency Range - 1.8 - 54 MHz (Amateur Bands only) - Frequency Stability - ±0.5ppm (after 1 minute @ -10ºC to +50ºC) - Operating Temperature Range --10ºC to +50ºC
    • Emission Modes - A1A (CW), A3E (AM), J3E (LSB,USB), F3E (FM), F1B (RTTY), F1D (Packet), F2D (Packet) Frequency Steps - 1/10Hz (SSB, CW, AM), 100Hz (FM) Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) -365 x 115 x 312 Weight (approx, kg) - 10 Antenna Impedance - 50Ω, unbalanced, 16.7Ω - 150Ω, unbalanced (1.8 - 29.7 MHz), 25Ω - 100Ω, unbalanced (50 - 54 MHz), (Tuner ON, 1.8 MHz - 50 MHz Amateur bands, TX only)
    • Antenna Impedance - 50Ω, unbalanced, 16.7Ω - 150Ω, unbalanced (1.8 - 29.7 MHz), 25Ω - 100Ω, unbalanced (50 - 54 MHz), (Tuner ON, 1.8 MHz - 50 MHz Amateur bands, TX only) Power Consumption - Rx (no signal) 1.8 A (approximate figures) - Rx (signal present) 2.1 A, Tx (100W) 23 A Supply Voltage - DC 13.8 V ±10% (Negative Ground)
    • AF SCOPE display and RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder (optional): The optional AF SCOPE and optional RTTY encoder/decoder functions have been developed for the FT DX 3000. The wave form of the AF SCOPE signal can be displayed on the TFT LCD. Also, the RTTY/PSK text may be displayed on the LCD. Independent Frequency Display: The Main operating frequency is the most important display in the radio, with VFO-A frequency located just above the main dial. The newly-developed LCD has a wider viewing angle and higher contrast for convenient and effortless viewing

        If you don't want a Yaesu Ham Radio Transceiver that has that many controls, then I would look at the Yaesu FT-897D. The nice feature is that this Ham radio Transceiver can be used in a mobile environment especially for field day. The price is lower than the previous radio, but still does an excellent job. Once again it puts out about 100 watts and has plenty of features. I checked the reviews on and they were very good. You had about 363 reviews with about a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating. That really indicates that this is a very popular Ham Radio. It does cover 6 to 160 meters with 2 meters included. This will give you plenty of bands to transmit on. I would make sure you have a multiband antenna to cover all the frequencies. You may think about building a multiband moxon antenna, hex beam or a spider beam antenna. Here is some information below on the radio.

      YAESU FT-897D

      • Transmit Range on Amateur Bands from 6-160 Meters, Plus 2 Meter & 70cm!
      • 100 Watts Output From 6-160M, 50W on VHF 2M, 20W on 70cm 440Mhz. (FM-SSB-CW)
      • Receives 100 kHz-56 MHz; 76-154 MHz & 420-470 MHz All mode.
      • Bar-Graph Meter for Output Power, ALC, SWR, Modulation, Dual VFOs, Built-in CW Electronic Keyer and Semi-Break-In, VOX & More!
      • Alpha-Numeric, CTCSS/DCS, RTTY, PSK31-U, PSK31-L, APO, TOT.

        The third Yaesu Ham Radio Transceiver I would recommend is the Yaesu FT-DX1200 Transceiver. It again has that big boxy look with lots of awesome controls. It has a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating at, which is very good. It has about 40 reviews at present time, which all seem to be very good. It does cover 160 meters to 6 meters, so there are plenty of bands and frequencies to choose from. My advise is to go to and read some of the reviews, so here is a link to the website . It does put out 100 watts, so if you want more power check out the ameritron amplifiers. Here is some information on the Ham radio below.

      YAESU FT-DX1200

      • 160 through 6 Meters - SSB/CW/FM/AM/RTTY/PSK
      • Triple Conversion Circuit Configuration, 1st IF is set at 40.455 MHz
      • 32-bit High Speed Floating Point DSP, TMS320C6727B by Texas Instruments
      • Huge TFT Full-Color Display (4.3 inch wide) For Superior Operability and Visibility
      • 100 Watts of Solid Performance - Frequency Ranges: RX 30 kHz - 56 MHz (operating) 1.8MHz - 54 MHz (specified performance, amateur bands only) TX 1.8MHz - 54 MHz (amateur bands only)
        Of course these are not the only ham radio transceivers sold by Yaesu. They model that go above these that I have shown. My advise is to search on Amazon as well as Ebay. With Ebay you may find a used Ham radio, but make sure to check out the seller for good or bad reviews. Otherwise I would suggest checking out Ham Radio Outlet. If you are looking for a Amplifier I would check out Ham Radio Outlet or check out MFJ as well as Universal Radio. All of them are excellent dealers in Ham Radio Equipment on the internet.
        Well Thank You for reading and remember to get that Christmas shopping done early.

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