Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looking For A Good Satellite Tracking Software

  If you are into Ham Radio and satellite tracking there are quite a few different pieces of software out there for Linux. There are the free open source category of software programs to choose from and some are very good. You can also find some paid versions of satellite tracking software as well. My best advise is to look around the internet and you can find plenty of good free software. To protect yourself you can always use Google and check to see if a particular piece of software causes spyware or adware and brings in unwanted programs such as pc optimizer pro or search protect to name a few. Believe me I work on computers all day long and clean up more viruses, malware, spyware and adware than I care to talk about.
  One of the free programs I came across is called Gpredict. It is a free satellite tracking program. I came across it by searching on the internet. I found it at this website link . There are other programs on this website as well. I did install this on my windows 7 system, but it can be installed on different Linux distributions as well. Just follow the directions to install it. I ran the program and it seems to do pretty well. Here is a picture of it below.

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