Sunday, January 4, 2015

HP Hewlett Packard Is Introuducing A New Computer In 2015

                             HP COMPUTER USING LINUX++
  So what is this new computer Hewlett Packard is introducing this year in 2015. Well it is a computer using a Linux Operating System. It will be called Linux++ and will have nothing to do with Microsoft. There will be no part of Windows in this either. I am sure all the gurus out there that always have bad things to say about Linux will be biting there lips. I always hear someone say oh Linux is the poor mans operating system. Another popular thing the Know It All s say is that there isn't any help with Linux. That just shows they really don't know much about it. Just like the old saying goes we always mock what we don't know and that's always true.

  Then in 2016 Hewlett Packard will be coming out with a new computer that is all home grown according to the article. Apparently the operating system will not be Linux++, but will be called Carbon. It is supposed to be more powerful than the computers today and will basically blow them away. The other part of this new design is that it is going to be very tiny in size. I have seen some small computers these days and the one problem is the shortage of usb ports. Of course you could be using usb hubs that have their own power supply.
  In this new system one of the awesome features with be the rate at which the data is transferred. Apparently it is going to be extremely fast so you won't have time to fill out registration. Sorry about the registration joke, but it was always funny back in the days of windows 98 when loading a system you would get the message it's a good time to fill out registration, because it was so slow. You do have to remember that was technology way back then. Of course this new computer will just be a prototype and won't be available until 2018. Hopefully they will keep going and get this available to the public. As I read the article it looks like there will be all new apps for this new awesome computer. My only thought is what is the price going to be like.
  I guess we will just have to wait and see how this new system comes together in the near future. I hope that it all comes together, because it would sure be nice to watch all those know it all gurus become perplexed by this new computer. It sure is nice to see a company get away from tired old windows that seems to have nothing but problems. I also wonder what will happen to the virus writers. Will they be flocking to write viruses to try and take down this system like they are doing with all the Microsoft windows environments. Hopefully they will be giving this some consideration as they work on this new system.
  Thank You For Reading and Happy Holidays !!!!!

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