Thursday, March 5, 2015

Andy's Ham Radio Linux

KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux is still going pretty strong. It has a lot of excellent features built on Linux Ubuntu. It was just updated a few days ago and packs some excellent programs for Ham Radio. Here are some of the features below.

  1. Live medium which can be installed to the hard drive or USB thumb drive
  2. icewm window manager
  3. Contains a large number of amateur radio programs
  4. Amateur Radio menu customized for ease of use
  5. Nothing proprietary (as far as I know)
  6. Almost everything came directly from the Ubuntu repositories
  7. Software defined radio receiver with RTL2832 USB dongle (originally intended for DVB-TV)
  8. PengPod 1000 image is to be written directly to your microSD card
  9. Micro-Fox Config GPL and TinyTrak3 Config GPL
  10. GNU Radio Companion and gqrx
  11. FreeDV
  12. Packet radio software linpac and AX25
  13. pskmail client and server
  Here is a list of the amateur radio software.

  • Fldigi
  • Gpredict
  • earthtrack
  • xcwcp
  • qrq
  • XLog
  • cqrlog
  • flrig
  • grig
  • xnec2c
  • fl_moxgen
  • aa-analyzer
  • owx
  • glfer
  • Xastir
  • gqrx
  • gEDA
  • GNU Radio Companion
  • quisk
  • direwolf
  • linamc
  • FreeDV
  • wsjt-x
  • Micro-Fox 15 Config
  • TinyTrak3 configuration program
  If you are interested in downloading this software here is a link to the website    
 Thank You for reading from Dan KC2YTI  73s.

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