Thursday, May 7, 2015

Build A New PC For Your Linux Distro

  There are plenty of places to learn about how to build a good PC. There are also plenty of places on the internet to buy the parts to build yourself an excellent computer to run your favorite Ham Radio Programs such as your Log Book. Maybe you are thinking of a computer to run your Ham Radio Remotely. I would do a little research online to determine if you want to run all Intel or go with an AMD system. Yes you can always buy a pre-built computer and there is nothing wrong with going that route. I would check out all the reviews on the computer and seller. Also check out any ratings on the system before buying. There are plenty of dealers on the internet selling computers and there are plenty of local computer service centers selling new computers. I do have to say that I have checked out Amazon and Ebay. I have found that are some really good deals on computer systems as well as the parts to build your own computer. It's really not that difficult to build the computer. Just make sure that all the parts work together.


     As far as installing Linux on your new computer goes it's not that difficult. Decide on which Linux Distribution you want to go with. Download the iso file and burn it to a cd. Boot off the Linux Live Cd and follow the directions to install it. There are plenty of websites with the how to so you can install Linux.

                              Thank You for Stopping by from Dan KC2YTI  73.

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