Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back Up Your Computer/PC or Lose It All

Linux Back Up Software
 It does not matter whether you are using a Linux based system, Windows based system or a combination of both. That would be a multiboot operating system to get the best of both worlds. You never know when disaster will strike. It may be a virus that encrypts your hard drive or a virus that totally corrupts your operating system. You definitely need a backup system so you don't lose your data.
 Now there are a few different ways to back up your entire system or just your data. You could just copy and paste your data such as documents, music, pictures etc... to a flash drive or a external hard drive. Another option is to use a back up system such as carbonite, which is done through the cloud. Newer windows operating systems such as windows 10 has the file history back up that will run on a set schedule and back up data. If you upgraded from windows 7 to 10 the system still has the windows 7 back up program. If you went from windows 8.1 to windows 10 then you have just the file history and a manual image back up program.
 Carbonite may be a good way to go for the normal computer user and the person using their computer for business. Here is a link to the carbonite website where you can find the important information . Now there are other programs offered on the internet for backing up a system. My advise before downloading any program is use google and check to see if there are problems with the program. Generally you can find forums where there is good and bad information about a given program.  Here is a webpage for some interesting back up programs for Linux .
 There are many things that can take your system down, but remember to protect yourself. One thing I should mention is that if your motherboard goes bad and you have to replace it you most likely will not be able to re-image the entire system. The only way is if you can get the exact same motherboard. The problem is due to differences in chip-sets. I have had customers where someone neglected to explain that to the customer only to make a sale. Now you have a angry upset customer, because they were led to believe that the back up and restore would work on any windows system. Now I had to be the bearer of bad news and explain that it is best to make sure the data is backed up.
 Thank You for reading and keep your data and system safe.

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