Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vertical Ham Radio Antennas

 There are plenty of good Vertical Ham Antennas to choose from these days. The nice thing about the vertical antenna is that it does not take up a lot of air space. The only drawback is that you will need some kind of counterpoise for the ground plane. If you have the room you can place wires in various directions around the base of the antenna. If you could only get 4 20 foot wires down that is better than none. They can be laid out in different patterns to fit the area. You can use the clips to keep the wires below the grass line so they don't end up in your lawn mower. I have seen some people use a lawn edger to make a shallow trench and bury them just below the surface. I would probably use insulated wire, which may help from deteriorating too quickly. I have read that the insulated wire may change readings from using bare wire. The choice is up to you.

                            Vertical antenna 60m to 6m with remote ATU by dx2hunt  My thought is to experiment with ground counter poises. Maybe lay down some flat galvanized metal and use hinges so you can fold it up if needed. The other idea is to use a hustler antenna like the 6btv, mount it on a roof and lay your wires on the roof. This makes it an elevated antenna and may give some excellent results. There are some manufacturers like Diamond and MFJ that sell Vertical Antennas that have the counterpoise so it can be made for an elevated antenna. My advise is before you choose a vertical antenna check out and read the reviews. Here is a link to their website . Now the other idea for a Vertical Antenna is to build one yourself. You could build it out of aluminum tubing and use a good antenna tuner. There are plenty of excellent antenna calculators like this one at or . There are so many I would check them out and pick the one that suites your needs. Here is another good website with lots of helpful information . I would also check out youtube for videos on building various antennas .

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