Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Find A Nice Amplifier For Your Ham Shack From Ebay For Christmas

 If you are looking for a nice Amplifier to add to your Ham Shack I would suggest checking out Ebay for some deals on new and used equipment this year. Okay so what is a good brand of ham radio amplifier ? The answer is there isn't any one good brand. In fact they are all good brands. If you collect the common ham radio catalogs you will generally find the ameritron amplifiers are the most popular. They have been around for quite awhile and do a good job. They usually come in a 600 watt version, 800 watt version, 1500 watt version and I believe a 2500 Watt Amplifier.
 Okay so the question is do I need a amplifier for my ham radio. The simple answer is yes and no. What I mean is if you are in a big pile up that extra power will allow you to break up the pile and make some good contacts. The other excellent point is if you are in an emergency situation you need to help and be heard. That is when an amplifier comes in extremely handy. Now for the other side of the coin. If you like the challenge of making contacts with very little power, then work without the amplifier. My advise is if you can afford the ham radio amplifier then by all means get it and use it when necessary.
 Do Not be one of these ham radio operators that just love to blast away so no one else can have fun. I love the people that push the watts to the highest and have a very audio output. You could always tell by the nose pinch sound. You always knew that they would not be around for long. Yes all that power is going up the antenna, back down and right into your ham radio. Next you blow the finals and it's off to the ham radio repair shop. So if you are going to run a ham radio amplifier do it properly. Always be respectful of others on the ham bands.


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