Saturday, January 9, 2016

Start Planning A Homebrew Antenna Today

  The cold weather is here, so now is the time to start thinking and planning a new homebrew antenna project. If it's a simple antenna your thinking of then I would go with a wire dipole antenna. It can be a multiband antenna or designed as a mono band for one particular frequency such as the popular 20 meter band. Another type of wire dipole antenna would be a ocd or off center fed dipole antenna that to very well. There are also bazooka antennas and end fed wire antennas. If you don't have enough room some of these antennas can be bent into different designs to fit smaller areas. The signal transmit and receive may change a little, but experimenting is all part of the Ham Radio Hobby.
            The Double Bazooka Antenna - A Review by Rob Wagner 
  Another one of the Homebrew Antennas I am interested in is the Hexx Beam Antenna.
Everyone always asks what is the best antenna to use. The answer the one that works. You may want to go the route of home brewing your own antenna. There are plenty of free antenna calculators to use. I would definitely take into consideration how much power you are going to use. Will it be 100 watts or 1500 watts. If you build your own ham antenna you may want to look into a multiband hexx beam
antenna. This type of antenna does not take up alot of real-estate and is essentially a two element wire beam antenna. From what I have read and have heard hams talking about is how well they do. There are plenty of excellent websites on the internet for designing and building hexx beam antennas.
  If you are building you own antenna or buying your antenna I would make sure you have plenty of tools in your ham shack. Some of these tools are hand tools for general use. A couple of important tools for the ham shack would be an Antenna Analyzer and a good SWR Meter. MFJ as well as a few other manufacturers make some excellent antenna analyzers. The same goes for the swr meters. Just make sure your swr meter can handle the amount of wattage you intend to use.

                          Vertical antenna 60m to 6m with remote ATU by dx2hunt
  If you don't have enough space to put up a beam antenna, then I would suggest a vertical antenna. There are plenty of different ways to put up a vertical antenna. I have seen some individuals just use a vertical wire strung up in a tree. Just make sure it's a tall strong tree or you may get too much movement. Certainly you don't want the tree and your antenna to come down in a storm. Other ways to set up a vertical Antenna are to use aluminum tubing and a good antenna tuner as well as a unun balun. The video above gives a good example of this. 
 My best advise is to search on the internet and you can find all sorts of homebrew antennas to think about. Find one and then add your own touch to it. If you wish to leave a comment about your homebrew antenna project they are always welcome.

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