Sunday, February 7, 2016

Home Brewing A Nice Big Moxon Antenna

 If you are thinking of home brewing an antenna why not try a moxon antenna. If the moxon antenna you are thinking of will be for maybe the 2 meter band or 6 meter band they can easily be made out of electrical pvc conduit pipe. I would suggest in using a pvc 5 way connector for the center support for the spreaders. If you want better strength you can use a Moxon Antenna Hub and spreaders that are Telescoping Fiberglass Fishing Poles that are 16 feet in length. There are spreaders made that you can buy as well.In this band region the size of the antenna is not huge so the weight is easier to manage. What I would suggest even on some of the larger arrays to use wooden dowel rod inside the pvc pipe for a little added strength.

 I have made some spreaders that way and then used some fiberglass driveway marker rods coming out of the ends of the pvc. I place the dowel rod inside the pvc pipe and drill a 6 inch hole in the end of the dowel rod to mount the fiberglass driveway marker rod into. I place a pvc cap over the end of the pvc pipe where the fiberglass driveway rod comes through. I can then attach the antenna wire for the moxon antenna on the ends. I have also found that this can make it easier to adjust the spreaders if needed.
 If you are looking for a good website for information on the moxon antennas I would check . There are plenty of other websites on the internet where you can find information on building moxon antennas. I would also suggest to check out youtube for some very interesting videos on fellow ham radio operators that have built some of the moxon antennas. I would look at designs and expand on them with your own imagination. That is what the ham radio hobby is all about.
Just make sure to get the correct pvc fittings that go with the correct size pvc pipe.

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