Sunday, June 12, 2016

Famous People And Actors In Ham Radio

 You know when I think about who is famous and is in Ham Radio I think of Tim Allen. I even remember seeing a few of the shows involving something with Ham Radio. Now when I used to watch Home Improvement I don't remember anything with Ham Radio. It was only in his other show Last Man Standing. Here is a video below from Ham Radio Nation on Twitt TV about the show.


  If you are interested in a list of famous ham radio operators click on this link Famous Ham Radio Operators or Another List Of Famous Ham Radio Operators
 I think what gets are attention is just that these people are actors, actresses and other famous people. It makes us feel special that we now have somewhat of a tie or something in common with them. It's almost like being on facebook and having them as a friend. I have a friend who was in the wrestling business and new quite a few of the wrestlers I watch on the WWE Wrestling show and it is very interesting to me to hear about these people. In fact I remember a few years back my daughter was teaching at a daycare center and a coworkers boyfriend was a person on the show. Unfortunately I never got to meet him. Make sure to check out my new website at .
 Maybe because were in the same hobby we are all famous.
 Thanks For Stopping from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

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