Monday, July 4, 2016

Stealth Vertical Ham Antenna And Happy 4th Of July

 First of all I would like to say Happy 4th Of July to everyone out there. Now there are alot of us that live in areas that are not antenna friendly. The reason is that we just don't have the space to put up a huge beam antenna on a nice 40 foot tower. Well one answer to that situation is the Flag Pole Antenna. There are quite a few Ham Radio Operators that disguise their Vertical Ham Antenna as a flag pole and yes with a flag on it. I guess you are showing that you are proud of your country and your getting on the ham radio bands.
 Okay so where do you buy a vertical antenna for this kind of situation. Well you may find a nice vertical on any one of the many ham radio websites on the internet. There is also the possibility of finding a nice vertical antenna on . My other advise would be to search on Ebay, because there are many excellent vertical antennas. Just make sure to check out the reviews before buying anything.
 Once you have the vertical ham antenna the next choice is what are you going to put it in or better yet how are you going to disguise it. Well what pretty much everyone does is place it inside some good heavy duty pvc pipe. Just make sure to paint the pvc pipe to protect it from the uv rays of the sun. I would also recommend using the grey electrical pvc pipe as it has the uv protection. You may have to do some guy roping to give it some good support.
 The other item that should be done is placing some ground radials at the base of the antenna. Most manufacturers will give instructions as too how many and what lengths the wires should be. Remember that the wires do not have to be straight. They can be bent in different ways to fit them in a smaller area. Now you can purchase wire from DX Engineering that is already cut or you can cut it yourself. When laying down the wire I would cut the grass short and use ground pins to hold the wire down. Generally the grass will grow up and hide the wire. You can also get a edge trimmer and dig a trench down a little and bury the wire. I have read that this does not cause a problem and you won't have to worry about wire getting chewed up in the lawn mower.

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