Sunday, December 18, 2016

Homebrew Yourself A Moxon Antenna This Spring

Moxon Antenna At The Top
 Yes we are in the cold weather and now is the time to start planning your homebrew antennas for your ham shack. One of the easiest ham antennas to build is the moxon ham antenna. There are plenty of ways to build one and most parts are available at your local lowes or home depot or your local hardware store.
 Most of your planning should be on where you plan to mount your moxon ham antenna. Always make sure there are no power lines close by. The next thing to tackle is what band are you planning to transmit on. For example will it be on the 17 meter band or the 40 meter band etc.... Just remember the higher in frequency you go the bigger the moxon ham antenna will need to be. In other words a 10 meter moxon will be smaller than a 40 meter moxon antenna.
 It is possible to multiband with a moxon antenna. You can have multiple bands with various lengths of wires. The more bands the more wires and the heavier the antenna will be. Many hams use lightweight fiberglass fishing poles that are around 16 feet in length. These will be used for the spreaders. Now you can buy the spreaders online, but they will be a little more expensive.
 The next piece of important equipment besides the coax cable is the rotor. This is going to be turning your moxon antenna in the direction you want to transmit. If you are dealing with a large moxon antenna, then I would buy a rotor that can handle the beast. If it is just a 6 meter moxon then a small tv rotor should do the job.
 I would also use a good antenna analyzer to tune the moxon antenna properly. MFJ makes some excellent ham antenna analyzers for a pretty good price. This is one piece of ham radio equipment that will serve your ham shack quite well for any future endeavors. You can click on this link to visit my website for ham antennas and equipment or search below.

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